Alan Runkel

Alan graduated from Canisius College, Buffalo, NY, with dual B.S. degrees in Management and Finance. He began his investment career in 1983 in Buffalo and still maintains client relationships in the Buffalo area. Quickly rising through the ranks, Alan was promoted to Division Manager in 1985 and opened a Branch Office for an investment firm in Cincinnati, OH.

During his tenure in the investment business Alan has experienced: the "Crash of 1987"; the recession of 1990 and the market drop associated with it; the go-go days of the late 1990's and the technology bubble bursting in the early 2000's; the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession. Through these investment experiences, Alan has developed and implemented the belief in risk management through asset allocation and investment management. With careful review of a client's tolerance for risk and using his access to money managers, a customized risk managed investment strategy is in place for each client.

Alan resides in Bridgetown with his wife, Mary Anne and their two children: Elyse and Edward. Alan spent 11 years as the Head Coach of the St. Xavier High School Bowling Team and 13 years on the St. Catharine of Sienna Finance Committee.

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